Saturday, 9 September

Late afternoon /
early evening

Registration at the Hotel reception and ESF desk
19.30 Get-together-drinks
21.00 Dinner
Sunday, 10 September


Welcome and Conference Opening:
- Conference Chairman
- EC Representative
Chairman:M. Floratos

10.45 Constantin Bachas (EL, ENS, France)
Branes in curved geometries
11.45 Christopher Hull (UK, Queen Mary College, UK)
Strongly Coupled Gravity and Duality
12.45 Coffee break
13.00 Costas Kounnas (CY, ENS, France)
Non-perturbative string thermodynamics and cosmological implications
14.30 Lunch
17.00 Coffee break
Afternoon talks
Chairman:B. Nilsson

17.30 Peter Van Nieuwenhuizen (NL, Stony Brook, USA)
Quantum corrections to the mass and central charge of susy kinks
18.00 Ofer Aharony (IL, Rutgers, USA)
On Theories With Light Like Non-Commutativity
18.30 Carlo Angelantonj (I, ENS, France)
RG-Flow, Wilson Loops and Dilaton Tadpole
19.00 Niels Obers (NL,Utrecht, NL)
Exact Thresholds and Instanton Effects in d=3 String Theories
19.30 Angel Uranga (E,CERN, F)
From Branes at Singularities to Particle Physics
20.30 Dinner
Monday, 11 September
Chairman:L. Alvarez-Gaume


Ignatios Antoniadis (F, CERN, France)
D-brane physics at low-energies
10.00 Augusto Sagnotti (I, University of Rome, Italy)
Brane susy and brane susy breaking
11.00 Coffee break
11.20 Arkady Tseytlin (UK, Ohio State University, USA)
Aspects of string quantization in AdS space
12.20 Kellogg Stelle (US, Imperial College of London, UK)
Tensions and Turtles in RS/HW geometries
13.30 Lunch
17.00 Coffee break
Afternoon talks
Chairman:M. Asorey

17.15 Lee Smolin (US, Penn State, USA)
The Cubic Matrix Model as a Background Independent Formulation of M-Theory
17.45 Ulf Lindström (S, Stockholm,Sweden)
A-D-E Series and Seiberg Witten Curves
18.15 Bryce De Witt (US,Texas University, USA)
The Non-Abelian Chiral Anomaly by Zeta-Function Regularization
18.45 Break
19.00 Jan De Boer (NL,Leyden & Utrecht, NL)
The Non-Abelian Born-Infeld Action in Curved Backgrounds
19.30 Miguel Vasquez-Mozo (E, Utrecht, DK)
Winding States in Thermal Non-Commutative Field Theories
20.30 Dinner
Tuesday, 12 September
Chairman:J. P. Derendinger


Erik Verlinde (NL, University of Princeton, USA)
10.00 Amit Giveon (IL, Jerusalem University, Israel)
D-Branes in the Background of NS5-Branes
11.00 Coffee break
11.20 Dieter Lüst (D, Humboldt University, Germany)
Supersymmetry breaking in string theory by H- and F-flux
12.20 Eva Silverstein (US, SLAC, USA)
Extended Objects from Warped Compactifications in M theory
13.30 Lunch
Afternoon Excursion
20.30 Dinner
Wednesday, 13 September
Chairman:T. Tomaras


Michael Green (UK, University of Cambridge, UK )
Instantons at small and large N
10.00 Gary Gibbons (UK, University of Cambridge, UK)
Born Infeld Theory: Causality and Strong Coupling
11.00 Coffee break
11.20 Antoine Van Proeyen (B, K.U. Leuven, Belgium)
Supersymmetric theory with domain walls
12.20 Finn Larsen (DK, University of Chicago, USA)
Branes and Strings as Non-Commutative Solitons

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13.30 Lunch
17.00 Coffee break
Afternoon talks
Chairman:S. Sciuto

17.15 Konstantinos Sfetsos (EL, University of Neuchatel, CH)
Supersymmetry and finite temperature strings
17.45 Eric Bergshoeff (NL, Groningen, NL)
Non-Abelian Born-Infeld and Kappa-Symmetry
18.15 Ralph Blumenhagen (D,Humbolt University, D)
Asymetric Orbifolds, Non-Commutative Geometry and Type-I String Vacua
18.45 Break
19.00 Alex Kehagias (EL, Athens Technical University, EL)
Mirage Cosmology
19.30 Sergei Cherkis (R,UCLA, USA)
Periodic solitons
20.30 Conference Dinner
Thursday, 14 September
Chairman:C. De Witt-Morette


Lisa Randall (US, Princeton University, USA)
Localized Quasigravity
10.00 Herman Nicolai (D, Max-Planck-Institut, Goln, Germany)
Conformal and Quasiconformal Realizations of Exceptional Lie Groups
11.00 Coffee break
11.20 Andreas Karch (D, MIT, USA)
On the localization of Gravity
12.20 Fabio Zwirner (I, University of Padova, I)
Weak scale supersymmetry breaking
12.50 Panagiota Kanti (EL, University of Minnesota, USA)
Generalized cosmological brane models
13.30 Lunch
17.00 Coffee break
Afternoon talks
Chairman:I. Arefeva

17.15 Marios Petropoulos (EL ,Ecole Polytechnique, F)
D-branes on ADS3 and BTZ backgrounds
17.45 Amine Bouziana Hammou (DZ, Humbolt University, D)
D1-D5 systems in theories with sixteen supercharges
18.15 Break
18.30 Boris Pioline (F,Harvard & Paris VI, F)
Irrational Non-commutative Gauge theories
19.00 Konstantin Savvidy (EL, Niels Bohr Institute, DK)
The discrete spectrum of D0-brane bound state
20.30 Dinner
Friday, 15 September

Departure after breakfast