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The airport closest to the conference venue is that of the city of Chania. The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) is located 39km west of the airport. The easiest way to reach the academy from the airport is via taxi. The approximate fare is 19,5 Euros plus 0.15 Euros per piece of luggage weighing more than 5 kilos ( The algorithm is: 0.59 Euro flat initial fee, 0.44 Euro per km (double tariff), 0.15 per piece of luggage , plus a 0.88 Euro airport surcharge.). Here you can find a currency converter.

BEWARE:Taxi drivers most probably will try to cheat you. INSIST that they put their meter on. Sometimes they ask double the fare written on the meter. Do not pay double, it is already included in the price on the meter. In any case do not pay more than around 20 Euros.

The cheapest (but inconvenient) possibility is to take the bus from the airport to the city of Chania and then take the bus to Kolymbari. This, however, will bring you about 1km before the location of the OAC. Bus Timetables

In case you need to fly to Heraklion there are 3 ways to reach OAC: A taxi would cost around 100 Euros for the trip. You can take the bus from Heraklion to Chania (one bus per hour). It takes 3hrs to reach Chania and then you may take a bus or taxi to Kolymbari. (If you need to rent a car at Heraklion and drive to Kolymbari, please contact us for suggestions.)

Finally another way to reach Chania from Athens is by boat. There are two companies involved, ANEK LINES and Minoan Lines. Prefer ANEK lines since it has consistently helped financially our meetings. The boat brings you to Souda Bay, from which you can access Chania by bus.



There are several possibilities to rent a car or a motocycle in the area. The company Motorclub has offered special prices (please show in Subject: 'RTN2004' to send you the discount prices).

Chania and Airport region:

The Kolymbari Region and Crete