Non-perturbative Quantum field theory


The objective of the Erasmus Intensive Programme "Non-perturbative Quantum field theory" is to teach in a single coordinated course classic non-perturbative quantum field theory techniques developed in the seventies and eighties in tandem with advanced AdS/CFT the novel method for analyzing strongly coupled quantum field theories.

In this way students will be fluent in both types of techniques and the aim will be to use them both as tools in the non-perturbative study of quantum field theory and string theory.

Target Groups

The target group is advanced young researchers (master's, doctoral and postdoctoral) from European institutions (mostly) studying theoretical problems with strong coupling physics from various physics disciplines.


The course will last 4 weeks, from 1-28 April 2013, inclusive. There will be 5 hours of lectures daily, two hours of group discussion/interaction with the lecturers and one hour of assisted study. In the last three days, a more intense schedule is envisaged where several advanced topics in contact with modern day tendencies will be presented.

Additional aims

To bring together students from the best european universities, that will be immersed in an intense course environement for a month.

To create close links between students and professors.

To bring students closer to cutting edge subjects

To develop a course that can be part of a standard curriculum of a graduate school.