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Milos Conference Center
George Eliopoulos,
June 19 - June 26 2011

(19 June is arrival day, 26 June is departure day)

International Organizing Committee
  • F. Ardalan   (IPM, Teheran)
  • I. Bakas       (U. of Patras)
  • E. Kiritsis    (U. of Crete)
  • K. Narain     (ICTP, Trieste)
  • E. Rabinovici    (Hebrew U., Jerusalem)
  • S. Wadia   (ICTS and Tata I., Mumbai)
  • E. Witten    (IAS, Princeton)



Here are photos from the meeting: the group photo (4 Mb) and a cropped version (1.2 Mb), the banquet photos and other social photos.


Abdus Salam ICTP
Institute of Advanced Study
S&B Industrial Minerals
CCTP, Crete, Greece
ICTS, India