Exact Quantum Fields and

the Structure of M-theory

Crete Center for Theoretical Physics

Heraklion, 10-16 July 2014


Recent developments in the area of supersymmetric quantum field theory have led to the exact analytic computation of local and non-local observables of quantum field theories on curved backgrounds in diverse spacetime dimensions. The new techniques are allowing to check previous conjectures, to formulate new connections between theories in different dimensions and in general to extend our understanding of the principles and properties of quantum field theory as a physically and mathematically interesting framework. Moreover, these developments are now opening a novel window to the key ingredients of string/M-theory. At the center of this work, on-going investigations of the properties of M2 and M5 branes promise to shed new light into the mysteries of the non-perturbative structure of string theory.


The list of participants includes

  1. O.Aharony (Weizmann Inst., Israel)

C. Beem (IAS, Princeton, USA)

  1. F.Benini (Stony Brook, USA)

C. Closset (Stony Brook, USA)

  1. N.Drukker (Kings College, London, UK)

A. Gadde (Caltech, USA)

J. Gomis (Perimeter Institute, Canada)

K. Hosomichi (Yukawa Inst, Japan)

S. Kim (Seoul Natl Univ., Korea)

  1. N.Lambert (Kings College, London, UK)

  2. K.Lee (KIAS, Korea)

S. Lee (University of Chicago, USA)

  1. D.Martelli (Kings College, London, UK)

P. Putrov (Caltech, USA)

  1. L.Rastelli (Stony Brook, USA)

  2. S.Razamat (IAS, Princeton, USA)

A. Tomasiello (Bicocca-Milano, Italy)

  1. A.Zaffaroni (Bicocca-Milano, Italy)

International Organizing Committee

  1. N.Lambert (Kings College, London, UK)

K. Lee (KIAS, Korea)

J. Gomis (Perimeter Institute, Canada)

  1. S.Gukov (Caltech, USA)

L. Rastelli (Stony Brook, USA)

A. Zaffaroni (Bicocca, Milano, Italy)

Local Organizing Committee

  1. V.Niarchos (U. of Crete) (Chair)

E. Kiritsis (U. of Crete)