University of Crete HEP Seminars


Experimental measurement of von Neumann entropy and mutual information in a quantum field simulator

Speaker: Spiros Sotiriadis
Institution: University of Crete
Time: Tuesday 26 September 2023, 13:00
Venue: Webinar
Abstract: Ultracold atom experiments have demonstrated their potential as quantum simulators of QFT models. Tunnel-coupled one-dimensional Bose gases, in particular, have been successfully used to implement strongly interacting models of QFT and explore their equilibrium and dynamical properties. I will discuss how this platform can be used to study measures of quantum information in QFT and their scaling with size, dubbed as volume and area law. Based on a version of quantum tomography suitable for continuous fields, we achieve a detailed reconstruction of the system’s quantum state, allowing measurements of the von Neumann entropy and mutual information in thermal equilibrium states.
Recording: The recorded talk can be found here.